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bt365平台app Section Chair discusses how the bt365平台app and tissue viability nurses can work together to improve patient care

bt365平台app Section Chair David Beavis webinar at TVS Conference 2021

David Beavis, Chair of the British Healthcare Trades Association’s (bt365平台app) Beds & Support Surfaces Section, outlined how the bt365平台app and tissue viability nurses can work together to improve patient care at this year’s Tissue Viability Society (TVS) Conference.

In his session on the 24th September, David reflected on the TVS mission statement and how this not only resonates with him personally, but also how these values are shared by the bt365平台app as well.  In particular, both organisations’ dedication to disseminating information and championing good clinical practice.

With over 100 years’ experience, 12 sections and 400 plus members, the bt365平台app is committed to raising product and service standards, supporting the sector, and promoting ethical trading. David highlighted that through their combined efforts and knowledge, tissue viability nurses and the bt365平台app can work holistically to improve patient care.

David also signposted to the wealth of free resources that the bt365平台app has available for healthcare professionals, such as its range of useful guidance documents, covering topics such as pressure ulcer prevention, healthcare mattress cleaning and care, and advice on choosing the right healthcare mattresses. He also noted the bt365平台app’s helpful Get Wise range of leaflets, providing information to professionals on a range of topics, including pressure ulcer prevention in sitting.

David finished his session by issuing an invitation for professionals to join him and his section at their regular section meetings to advise, contribute and share information around product issues and improvements. For tissue viability nurses interested in collaborating with the bt365平台app’s Beds and Support Surfaces Section, please contact

To watch the full video of David’s session, please see below: